UPA Profile



The Uganda Paediatric Association (UPA) was founded in 1993 as a body which promotes improved health and welfare of all children in Uganda.


The Association is under the patronage of the minister of health of the Republic of Uganda. The UPA is affiliated with the Uganda Medical Association which is the parent Association.


Seeing all children in Uganda grow up and reach their full potential.


To improve the health and welfare of all children in Uganda.

  1. To promote the dissemination of knowledge of Paediatrics and Child Health that will enhance the welfare of children in Uganda.
  2. To encourage research in all aspects of Paediatrics and Child Health.
  3. To play the role of advocacy for children and act in an advisory capacity to the government, academic institutions, professional bodies and the community in matters pertaining to Paediatrics and Child Health.
  4. To hold or arrange periodic meetings of the members of the association and for medical professionals in line with scientific, medico-political and social purposes.
  5. To circulate information as may be thought desirable by means of publication in medical journals and by appropriate communication methods.
  6. To participate and support members to attend local, regional and international paediatrics meetings.
  7. To maintain liaison with other medical associations and bodies throughout the world and in particular the International Paediatrics Association (IPA).
  8. To improve and promote the welfare and capacity development of all paediatric specialists in Uganda.